Physical index
Application area

1. for socks, easy to wear and durable,
2. high elastic tights and tights are easier to wear;
3. can replace natural latex.

1. tight underwear, it is more convenient to wear;
2. comfortable fit, no restraint pressure.

1. feel soft and flexible;
2. high resilience ensures consistent packaging;
3. as a shoulder strap or waistband, it is elastic and comfortable.

1. is suitable for tight fitting sportswear which is easier to wear and wear;
2. provide strong package for muscles, reduce sports fatigue and injury;
3. excellent low temperature scalability, even at low temperatures, providing enough flexibility.

Medical supplies
1. varicose socks;
2. gradient pressure stockings;
3. easy to wear tight protective gear;
4. tight stockings and bandages for surgery and hospitalization.
Product packaging
Matters needing attention in product processing

1. The environment temperature and humidity have great influence on the processing performance. The optimum temperature is 25 3, and the relative humidity is 65.5%.

2. Pay attention to the type, specification, batch number and the color of the paper tube on the list when using the product. It is forbidden to use mixed batch.

3. Drawing ratio of the product will affect the process of fabric and the uniformity of the fabric. When the drawing ratio is too large, the processing and weaving will break easily, resulting in the reduction of processing efficiency and product quality.

4. The production date interval of the product will affect the homogeneity of the process and the fabric. It is suggested that the products with adjacent production dates should be used, and the silk rolls used in weaving are similar in size.

5. In circular weaving, the conveying tension of the product should be appropriate. The excessive conveying tension can easily cause wire breakage, and the excessive conveying tension can easily cause the conveying roller to spring up and cause the weaving to stop.

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